Sunday, September 11, 2011

Layers of Color

A thoughtful day of remembrance…especially since I live so close to D.C. It is painful to watch some of the ceremonies. I am just hearing President Obama give his talk tonight..very uplifting.

I’ve spent time today in the studio, finally, completing some of the color samples of resists. I’ve been doing two layers of resists on each fabric, using the same resist but different techniques. For example, on one piece I used a bristle brush to apply the resist, let that dry, then applied a wash of fabric paint, set the paint, removed the resist then added another layer of resist using print blocks, more paint, again setting the paint and finally removing the resist. Below are some of the 8” x 12” color samples:

Two samples of oatmeal resist and one of cornmeal resist

One sample of glue stick as a resist, the other of uncooked wheat flour paste

Controlled "breach" printing with uncooked wheat flour paste

One sample of cooked wheat flour paste, the other, uncooked wheat flour paste

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