Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final Dawn Samples

 As promised, the final Dawn samples are below. I’ve been a bit frustrated with the color in some of the photos I’ve been taking. I’ve been shooting finished color samples with the photo lights only but will have to try some with the “studio in a box” to see if I can get better photos. I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting moiré patterns on the silk photos and a number of the yellows are washing out. This is something I need to solve as soon as I can for the January presentation. I’m trying not to feel so overwhelmed, but I have to admit, there are days when that is difficult! Right now, my studio is full of boards with fabrics taped to them in various stages of resists and paints. Yesterday, I finally got through all of the color pieces…that is to say; I have one layer of resist on the boards. I am now realizing how much time it takes to do the pieces with two resist layers…one forgets about the drying and setting time! I’m now off to Staples to make photocopies for a class I will be teaching the next two Monday nights. I’m substitute teaching for Candy Edgerley’s surface design class at the Corcoran School…should be fun. I'm hoping to take some pictures of student work to post here.

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