Monday, November 8, 2021

Julie's Winter Session Online Classes at The Art League School


Compass Rose by Jill B.

Please note: The Art League School has postponed the start of all their classes including online classes. The new start date for my classes is January 26.

I'm gearing up for another exciting semester of online hand stitching classes with The Art League School. Registration starts on November 8, 2021. I will be offering two, five session Zoom classes: Mapping Memories with Stitch and Hand Stitching Continued: Dimensional Stitches and Fabric Manipulation

Both classes begin on January 26, 2022. Mapping Memories with Stitch meets in the morning from 10:00 AM- 12:30 PM and Hand Stitching Continued meets in the evening from 7:00-9:00 PM. Classes are on Eastern USA time (check Washington DC time for reference). All classes will be recorded so if a class doesn't fit your time zone, you can still take the class via the recordings. The recordings remain available to students for one month after the final class session. There is an optional $15 kit (shipping is extra) for each class. The beautiful images you see in this post are from former students who took these classes over the past year. 

In Mapping Memories with Stitch, students will use hand stitching and fabric manipulation techniques to explore memories of place, family and travel. Each session centers on a map-related theme and students will explore a variety of map formats. I will be introducing students to a number of contemporary textile artists who use maps as part of their work. Themes we will cover include:

Designing a Memory Compass Rose

Compass Rose by Gail S.

Compass Rose by Rebecca S.

Compass Rose by Sandy R.

Compass Roses by Holly H.

Neighborhood Maps
Oxfordshire Neighborhood by Bobbie D.

Folk School Garden Map by Sandra R.

My New Neighborhood by Judy P.

Road Trips/Travel Maps
The Mother Road by Bobbie D.

Galapagos by Roberta A.

Ribbon Map by Rebecca S.

Whale Migration Map by Karen R.

We also explored the idea of Treasure Maps and using "found treasures" and textiles.

In-process map using vintage hankies by Jill B.

In-process map playing with the idea of hidden treasures by Karen R.

Cape Cod map using upcycled cargo shorts by Julie B.

In Hand Stitching Continued, students will learn a variety of textural stitches, stitches that start with a warp, Buttonhole lace and dimensional Buttonhole variations, manipulating fabric to create dimension and Cording, Trapunto and other stuffing techniques. Nature will inspire students and they will have the opportunity to choose one or more nature "muses" as a means of developing work in class. 

Textural Stitches
Textural Stitch Sampler by Jenn Y.

Textural Stitches used to depict Lichen by Deborah M.

Warp Stitches used to create Coy Fish by Julie M.
Buttonhole Variations
Buttonhole Stitch Sampler by Sandy R.

Winter Scene by Doris D.

Buttonhole Stitch Variations by Shelly T.

Basket Star (Marine creature) by M. Helen B.

Manipulating Fabric to Create Dimension

Samplers by Sharmila K.

Gathering by Jude J.

Ruched flowers by Wendy T.
Stuffed Forms

Stuffed Applique sampler by Deborah M.

Sea Life by Robin I.

Beach Treasures by Wendy T.

Block printed, reverse applique Trapunto sun by Sandy R.

And finally two beautiful final pieces using multiple techniques from class:
Under the Sea by Julie M.

Left by the Tide by Jude J.

I hope that you'll consider joining me for one or both of these classes starting on January 12. I'm excited to see what you'll create! If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or connect with me on Instagram (boothjb4757) or Facebook (Julie Basseches Booth).