Saturday, August 1, 2020

Hand Stitching ONLINE: Theme #2--Pattern and Rhythm

Jill B.: Mosaic/cellular patterning

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This is the second post about my Hand Stitching class (taught through The Art League School) that moved online this spring. The focus of this lesson was Pattern and Rhythm. We had some discussion about the definitions of Pattern and Rhythm. One definition -- Patterns in Nature-- focused on patterns as "organizing structures", including: symmetry, branching, meanders, waves, mosaics/cellular, spirals, fractals, spheres, polyhedra, and lattices. This became one of the possible jumping off points for the Journal Prompt and Stitch Challenge for this lesson. The stitches we covered were all looped stitches.

Jill B. : Journal Prompt 
Roberta A.: Journal Prompt

During class time, the focus was working on stitch samplers. Continuing to explore and manipulate the stitches in different ways to get different effects.

Jill B.: Looped Stitch Sampler
Irene C.: Looped Stitch Sampler
Jude J: Looped Stitch Sampler
Roberta A.: Looped Stitch Sampler
Martha P.: Looped Stitch Sampler
Susan T.: Chain Stitch Variations
Pauline S.: Looped Stitch Sampler

Students had some choices for their stitch challenges. They could be directly related to the Journal Prompt on natural patterns.

Barbara B.: Cellular
Barbara B. Geode- Lattices
Carolyn L.: Branching
Kristin A.: Meanders
Kristin A.: Spirals
Martha P.: Cellular
Mary K.: Fractals
Roberta A.: Mosaics

Some students used photographs as a jumping off point.

Heidi O.
Judy P.
Myania M.
Susan T.: Cabbage
One student even designed jewelry!

Irene C.

It was so inspiring to see all these different approaches to Pattern. The next blog post will be about Lesson #3--Texture! Stay tuned!

I will be teaching this Hand Stitching ONLINE class in the Fall 2020. Check back here for more information about dates and times.

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