Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hand Stitching (Fall 2017) Part 1

Judith K.-P.: Textures Challenge

New Year's resolution...get back to posting more frequently! Somehow December slipped away...due to lots of creative activity on my part (and multiple craft, home and trunk shows!).

I want to share here (and in tomorrow's blog post) some of the work created in the Fall 2017 Hand Stitching class. This multi-session class focused on a selection of basic stitches. Students worked on journal prompts, stitch samplers and stitching challenges focusing on weekly themes: line, pattern and rhythm, texture, layers and the construction of a book or hanging. I also had two returning students who used the class as an independent study. Such a rich treasure trove of work!

Linda H. : Line Sampler
Linda H: Looped Stitch Sampler
Linda H.: Layers Sampler
Barbara C: Line Sampler
Barbara C: Line Sampler detail
Barbara C.: Layers challenge
Barbara C.: Wall hanging final project
Barbara C. Wall hanging detail
Barbara C.: Wall hanging detail
Judith K.-P.: Line Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Texture Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Pattern/Rhythm Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Texture Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Layers Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Layers Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Layers Challenge
Judith K.-P.: Working on final project
I will be teaching a fast-track version of this class as a workshop this coming weekend. It's called Jumpstart in Hand Stitching. There are still spaces available. Leave a message if you'd like more information.


  1. Mary Louise MarinoJanuary 3, 2018 at 4:09 PM

    Really wonderful work! So inspired seeing it all.

    1. Thanks Mary- Finally got it together...very impressive pieces!

  2. Great layering and texture. Don't all these stitch classes prompt lovely exploration!