Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer Wrap-Up #1: June, July and August 2017 Stitch-Ins

Barbara C.: Little hand-woven indigo boxes
It's so hard to believe that it's Labor Day today! I've been neglecting this blog in favor of Instagram! But...I promise I'm now back! I'll be spending the next few posts focusing on creative summer activities starting with images from Stitch-Ins from June through August.

Ann Z. took a machine embroidery class this summer at Artistic Artifacts...

Ann Z.
 I love this sweet bird!

Ann Z.

 Barbara C. started her line of hand-dyed thread and is calling her new company Studio Amaranthine.

Some of Barbara's hand-dyed threads. I've been using them on projects this summer. They are really wonderful to stitch with!
Here's a hand-dyed top using some of her threads.
Here's a fabulous Indian textile that Barbara bought while she was in London. Very inspiring!

Cheryl C. continued working on pieces she started in my Jumpstart in Hand Stitching workshop. She's planning to bind these and other pages into a cloth book. I'm teaching the five-session class in Hand Stitching at the Art League School starting on September 20.

Cheryl is a landscape architect. I love this printed and stitched "floor plan"!
Cheryl C. : Here Cheryl is using reverse applique to create a layered piece representing 3D forms.
Cheryl C.: Detail

Mary Louise M. continued exploring the mark-making with stitches that she started in the Jumpstart in Hand Stitching workshop.

Mary Louise M..

Holly C. continued to work on her expressive black and white stitched samples that utilize both machine and hand stitching. She mounted them on linen table runners she purchased at Ikea!

Holly C.

This piece is white hand stitching on a black linen table runner. She says that she was inspired by Australian Aboriginal art!

Holly C.

Jodie F. brought in a number of stitched works. I love this map piece with its wide variety of stitches.

Jodie F.

 Jodie used a number of fabrics inherited from her mom to create a small stitched book.

Jodie F.

 I love this combination of drawing and stitching.

Jodie F. 

This is the piece that Jody brought to work on. Reminds me of Zentangles!

Jodie F.

 Judy M. brought in her completed Story Cloth quilt featuring all the pieces she created in my class, To Tell a Story with Cloth: Impressions, Connections and Memories. Her stories were about her grandmother and times spent at her grandmother's cabin. I'm teaching this class again at the Art League School starting on September 27.

Judy M. talking about the stories behind her story cloths.
Judy M.

 I continued work on my Mom's 85th birthday celebration cloth. Each "moon" represents a decade...8 and a half moons in total!
Julie B.

 Jutta M. continued work on her healing cloth from my Patching, Stitching, Weaving: Creating Healing Cloth workshop. She's planning to add some stitched stars to the patchwork. I'll be teaching this workshop at the Art League School on September 9 and 10.

Jutta M.

Melanie H. continued stitching on her healing cloth too! She was inspired by photos of DNA and microscopic organisms.

Melanie H.

Susan G. started working on the second of her series of healing cloths. Each cloth represents one of her siblings and their relationship with family.

Susan G.

Megan P. decided to make a healing cloth for her sister who lives in Charlottesville.

Megan P.

Rebecca K. started work on a new piece during the Stitch-In using reverse applique.

Rebecca K.

Peggy G. started adding stitched details to her indigo-dyed bag.

Peggy G.

Willa D. decided to create a piece using torn strips and leftover scraps.

Willa D.

Liesel F. brought in some of her hand stitched Sashiko pieces. I love this one that is free-style!
Liesel F.

It was so great to spend time stitching with all you talented women!!


  1. wonderful examples of ongoing work...very inspirational! I'm drawn to machine stitching and the power of the nine squares. thank you for sharing these remarkable stitchers!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mary Ann. It's always such a pleasure to get together with the members of the Stitch-In! Building a stitching community!