Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pasta Play and Book Update

I've been arranging pasta patterns to make print blocks for the next newsletter.

I spent Sunday in the studio... playing with pasta! I'm preparing for the next issue of Julie B Booth Surface Design News. A couple of the blocks took quite a while to put together. I have a greater appreciation for mosaic and inlay work! I can't wait to see the fabric prints I can make with these pasta blocks. I'll post a preview right before I publish the newsletter.

On the book front... You might have noticed the book icon just to the right. It's a link to my page on the Quarry book shop.

The "working" cover for the book. The final cover design is in the works and will be ready soon.

From there, you can click on your favorite book seller to pre-order Fabric Printing at Home. I spent an hour on the phone last week with Quarry's marketing manager and will be talking with their social media specialist today. I'm learning A LOT! Apparently, pre-orders are what to strive for...so... I'm hoping that some of my blogging buddies out there will put in an order soon! (especially those of you who contributed to the gallery section of the book) :-)

Okay...enough shameless plugging for now. I'll be off to Old Town Alexandria this morning to meet with my F.I.N.E. buds. It will be great to see what they've been up to the last couple of months. And...even though it's raining, I'll be bringing my camera along in case I spy some PINK (Roy G Biv on August 20th).

Hope you all have some creative plans for today! I'll be back to gluing pasta this afternoon....


  1. I just love the pasta printing blocks, Julie! (Haven't had a chance to read the newsletter yet, but am looking forward to details.)
    And how exciting to be at the stage you are with your book - good luck! It's great that you have a built-in market, between your blog and the classes you teach!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Trying to think of kitchen-related projects that aren't in the book is stretching my imagination....:-) Hope you enjoy the newsletter! I have to focus on all those pre-orders!