Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Quilters and Veggie Fun

Jennifer's carrot patch

I'm posting this a week late but last Tuesday I gave my Beyond the Potato Print workshop to the Tuesday Quilters quilt group.

We had great fun chopping, cutting, carving and printing (and occasionally munching) fruits and vegetables. Here's a selection of prints from the group...

Ann H.: Onions, sprouts and carved radishes
Ann H. Brussels sprouts
Barbara E.: Snow peas, potatoes and onions
Donna R.: Potato tic-tac-toe
Janet W.: Cabbage and onions
Floris F.: Brussels sprouts
Melanie G.: Potato "leaves"
Melanie G.: Star fruit
Thanks for a fun day!!


  1. Never thought of using all those vegetables to print. The onion has caught my eye...

    1. I was intrigued by the Brussels sprout cut in cross section. Ann had just the right "touch" while printing with it.

  2. I like the gentle lilacs and purples in some of these - a lovely contrast to the shapes of the fruit. Makes me think of potato printing as a child, but mine never turned out as pleasing as these!

    1. I agree that the soft backgrounds are a great contrast to the organic shapes. This is such a fun class to teach...always a different experience!

  3. Replies
    1. Veggie printing is always fun...brings out the kid in me and my students!