Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Printed Fabric Bee

I thought I'd mention this great project that I'm taking part in. It's definitely up my alley and when I was asked by the amazing fiber artist, Lynn Krawczyk to be the tenth member of the group, I just couldn't say no! We have a Facebook page and I'm hoping that you will hop on over there and like us (don't you love the jargon!).

The Printed Fabric Bee is a printed fabric exchange between ten professional textile artists. Each month a member of the Bee becomes the Queen and decides on a theme (and colors if she so chooses) for her fabric. Then her 9 Worker Bees get to work creating fabric in her theme. In the end, each member will have a collection of custom made fabric made by all the members of the Hive.

Members of the Bee will be posting about the fabric on the FB page. Based on some of the artwork I've seen by members of this group, I get all goose-bumpy just thinking about the beautiful fabrics to come! After hopping over to see The Printed Fabric Bee, you might want to visit the blogs and websites of the artists:

Lynn Krawczyk
Gerrie Congdon
Lesley Riley
Carol R. Eaton
Jackie Lams
Lisa Chin
Susan Purney Mark
Lynda Heines
Pokey Bolton


  1. It sounds like a really exciting collaboration.

    1. I'm VERY excited! An amazing group of very talented women. I feel honored to be a part of it.